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Living Chicago Blues Volume Number 1

Living Chicago Blues Volume Number 1

Living Chicago Blues Volume Number 1 serves as an accurate historic record of the 1970's Chicago Urban Blues scene, a time during which blues artists played with passion and precision in small Chicago nightclubs. During this era, when funk was the rage of the urban culture, acts such as The Jimmy Johnson Blues Band, Eddie Shaw and the Wolf Gang, Left Hand Frank and his Blues Band, and Carey Bell's Blues Harp Band often played in obscurity for $25 to $50 a gig.

Fortunately, this decade of blues music is not entirely lost. The raw emotion of the recordings featured on Living Chicago Blues Volume Number 1 takes the listener back to the gigs of the 1970's, when great blues musicians performed solely for the love of their music. Any fan of Chicago Urban Blues music would be remiss not to have Living Chicago Blues Volume Number 1 as part of their collection.

Track listings:

1) Your Turn To Cry

2) Serves Me Right To Suffer

3) Ain't That Just Like A Woman

4) Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home

5) It's Alright

6) Out Of Bad Luck

7) Stoop Down, Baby

8) Sitting On Top Of The World

9) My Baby's So Ugly

10) Come Home, Darling

11) Blues Won't Let Me Be

12) One Room Country Shack

13) Linda Lu

14) Too Late

15) Laundromat Blues

16) One Day

17) Woman In Trouble